Jennifer McNeely
Jennifer McNeely, MD, MS
NYU Langone Health - Associate Professor, Department of Population Health and Division of General Medicine
MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
MS, New York University School of Medicine
BA, Columbia University
Research Interests
Screening for substance use, Integrating care for substance use into general medical settings
Jennifer McNeely is a clinical investigator and a practicing general internist.  Dr. McNeely’s research focuses on the implications of substance use for individuals and health systems, and on improving the identification and treatment of addiction in general medical settings.  In 2010 she received a K23 career development award from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH/NIDA) to study patient self-administered substance use screening in primary care settings. She was Co-Lead Investigator of a NIDA Clinical Trials Network (CTN) study (CTN 0059) that developed and validated a brief substance use screening tool, and is currently Lead Investigator of a second NIDA CTN study (CTN 0062-Ot) that utilizes technology to address barriers to implementing substance use screening and brief interventions in primary care.  Her prior work has included policy research on models of opioid maintenance treatment; clinical research on an HIV prevention intervention in a drug treatment program; and analysis of large public health data sets to describe the health burden of illicit opioid use in New York City.  Dr. McNeely is also a clinician in the Adult Primary Care and HIV clinics at Bellevue Hospital.
Principal Investigator, Effectiveness of the Consult for Addiction Treatment and Care in Hospitals (CATCH) Model for Engaging Patients in Opioid Use Disorder Treatment: Pragmatic Trial in a Large Municipal Hospital System. Active
Principal Investigator, Randomized Controlled Trial of Relay – NYC’s Nonfatal Overdose Response Program. Active
Principal Investigator, Subthreshold Opioid Use Disorder Prevention (STOP) Trial. Active
Principal Investigator, Leveraging Technology to Address Unhealthy Drug Use in Primary Care Settings. Completed
Principal Investigator, Phased-Implementation Feasibility and Proof-of-Concept Study to Assess Incorporating the NIDA CTN Common Data Elements into the Electronic Health Record in Large Primary Care Settings. Completed
Principal Investigator, Screening for Substance Use with Computer Assisted Self Interview in Primary Care. Completed
Principal Investigator, Testing the Feasibility of a Computerized Approach for Screening, Brief Intervention and Overdose Prevention for Non-medical Use of Prescription Drugs in a University Health Center. Completed
Principal Investigator, Validation of a Short Drug Screen in Primary Care. Completed


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