Daniel A. Schatz, MD
NYU Langone Health - Fellow, Department of Population Health
Mental Health Service Corp - Mental Health Clinician
NYU Langone Health - Research in Addiction Medicine Scholar
MD, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
BS, University of Rochester
Research Interests
Up-stream preventative care, Smoking cessation, Alcohol, opioid and other substance use, Incarcerated population, Health disparities, Health inequalities, Health policy, Low-cost high-quality care
Daniel Schatz completed his internal medicine residency training at Yale Primary Care and is now completing his fellowship in addiction medicine at New York University. He is a clinician with the Mental Health Service Corp, an initiative of ThriveNYC, which focuses on public health issues related to mental health and inequality. He is currently working on his masters of science with a concentration in comparative effectiveness. He has received both the 2016 Next Generation Award from the Addiction Medicine Foundation as well as the Research in Addiction Medicine (RAMS) Scholarship a NIDA-founded program. His current research is evaluating the synergistic effects of naltrexone and nicotine replacement in heavy drinking smokers. After fellowship he plans to work in an academic setting where he will pursue a career in education and research, as well as an active clinical practice. He is interested in focusing on upstream preventative addiction medicine research and seeks a career where he can have an impact on public health and policy issues. His particular research interests include: tobacco, opioid, and alcohol use, co-addiction, health disparities, people who inject drugs, transitions of care, and health system quality improvements.


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