Kelly Doran, MD, MHS
Twitter: @kellymdoran

NYU Langone Health - Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine
NYU Langone Health - Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health
MD, Medicine, University of Michigan Medical School
MHS, Health Services Research, Yale University
BA, Sociology, Harvard College
Research Interests
Homelessness, Social determinants of health, Emergency department use, Health service use, Substance use, Medicaid
Kelly Doran is an emergency physician and Assistant Professor in the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine and the Department of Population Health at NYU Langone Health. Dr. Doran studies how health care systems can better address homelessness and other social determinants of health. She has been active in homelessness related work and research since working at a student-run homeless shelter as an undergraduate at Harvard College. Dr. Doran attended medical school at the University of Michigan, completed a residency in emergency medicine at NYU-Bellevue, and earned a master’s degree in health sciences as a RWJF Clinical Scholar at Yale University. She works clinically in the emergency department at Bellevue Hospital Center.
Principal Investigator, Addressing Homelessness and Substance Use in Emergency Department Patients. Active
Principal Investigator, Randomized Controlled Trial of Relay – NYC’s Nonfatal Overdose Response Program. Active


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