Staying Safe: Long-Term Injection Drug Users Who Avoided HIV & Hepatitis C
Funded by: National Institue on Drug Abuse
Project dates: July 2005 - March 2011
Principal Investigator: Friedman, Sam

While much is known about specific behaviors and the contexts that facilitate HIV and HCV transmission among injection drug users (IDUs), very little is known about the ways in which IDUs remain uninfected over the long term. This project determined the resources, practices and prevention strategies and tactics that help IDUs avoid becoming infected with HIV and HCV, as well as the obstacles they face and how these obstacles are overcome. Detailed life history interviews were conducted with long-term current IDUs to describe and compare those who were infected with either HIV and HCV to those who were not infected with either virus. The results from the project provided the basis for developing a new generation of HIV and HCV prevention programs for IDUs who are unable to quit injecting, to develop strategies to avoid infection, as well as improve existing prevention and treatment programming.

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