Nancy VanDevanter
Nancy VanDevanter, DrPH, RN, EdM
NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing - Professor
NYU Wagner School of Public Policy - Professor
NYU College of Global Public Health - Faculty Associate
DrPH, Public Health, Columbia University School of Public Health
MPH, Harvard School of Public Health
EdM, Boston University School of Education
BS, Boston University School of Education
Research Interests
HIV/AIDS/STIs prevention, Adolescent health, Tobacco control, Community based participatory research, Community level health promotion and disease prevention, Health services research, Translational research
Nancy VanDevanter has conducted  extensive behavioral intervention research integrating a community based participatory research approach into the development and testing of theory-driven interventions to promote health and reduce disease in populations with significant health disparities.  Her interventions have focused on individuals living with HIV, first among HIV infected blood donors and later an NIH funded qualitative study to identify the adaptive tasks and context of risk behavior in adolescents with behaviorally acquired HIV. As a principal investigator, she has tested interventions to increase self-protective sexual health behaviors in adolescents and women at risk for HIV.  She is currently Co-I on a HPV vaccine acceptability study being conducted in the Dominican Republic. In addition, she is an investigator on several tobacco intervention studies utilizing an implementation science framework.
Principal Investigator, Barriers and Facilitators to Screening and Treatment for HCV Among IV Drug Users in the Republic of Georgia. Completed


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Social norms and self-efficacy to quit waterpipe use: Findings from a tobacco study among male smokers in rural Viet Nam
Journal of Smoking Cessation, 13 (3), 154-161. doi: 10.1017/jsc.2017.20.

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