Janie Simmons
Janie Simmons, EdD
NYU School of Global Public Health - Associate Research Scientist
NYU School of Global Public Health - Co-Investigator/Ethnographer, Couples PrEP Study
EdD, Ethnography and Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
EdM, Ethnography and Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
BS, Linguistics, Northeastern University
Research Interests
HIV prevention (among PWID, PWUD, serodiscordant couples, women, heterosexuals; PrEP, combination prevention), Opioid overdose prevention, Alternatives to policing as usual, Barriers to drug treatment
Janie Simmons is an ethnographer who specializes in HIV and overdose prevention. She has worked extensively with people who use drugs and been involved in research in the following topic areas: drug-using couples; drug use initiation; barriers to drug treatment; online overdose prevention; trauma and secondary trauma; intimate partner violence and, field-based research ethics. Dr. Simmons is co-editor and co-author (with Drs. Paul Farmer and Margaret Connors) of Women, Poverty and AIDS: Sex, Drugs and Structural Violence (1996; 2011). She has worked on a variety of NIDA-funded prevention studies in Hartford, Connecticut and NYC.  Since 2008, Dr. Simmons has been the PI on several NIH grants, including an HIV prevention study on the interpersonal and structural dynamics which shape HIV risk and drug treatment among injecting, drug using couples. She has also developed two computer-based, overdose-prevention training modules with funding from NIDA: one for potential bystanders and one for police officers, firefighters and EMTs. Dissemination of these online training modules is well underway on Currently, Dr. Simmons is Co-Investigator and Project Ethnographer on the Couples PrEP Study. Dr. Simmons is also an Advisory Board and faculty member at the Fordham University HIV Prevention Research Ethics Institute.
Principal Investigator, Evaluation of an Experimental Educational Module on Opioid-Related Occupational Safety to Minimize Barriers to Overdose Response Among Police Officers. Active
Principal Investigator, Barriers to Treatment-based HIV Prevention for IDU Couples. Completed
Principal Investigator, Dissemination and Implementation Pilot. Completed
Principal Investigator, Online Overdose Prevention, Recognition and Response. Completed
Principal Investigator, Police/Fire/EMTs Get the SKOOP: Online Skills and Training for Overdose Prevention. Completed


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Implementation of online opioid prevention, recognition and response trainings for laypeople: Year 1 survey results
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Potential risks of ecological momentary assessment among persons who inject drugs
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Janie Simmons interviewed on FOX5NY discussing "Rockaway Gets Naloxone", which will provide education and training on how to use naloxone and disseminate it to the Rockaway and Broad Channel communities in New York City.