Police/Fire/EMTs Get the SKOOP: Online Skills and Training for Overdose Prevention
Funded by: National Institute on Drug Abuse
Project dates: May 2012 - April 2014
Principal Investigator: Simmons, Janie

Professional first responders (Police, Firefighters and EMTs) have a critical role to play in effectively responding to an opioid-associated overdose emergency, yet many are not equipped with the knowledge and tools to respond effectively. This training: 1) explains why first responders need education and tools to reverse opioid-associated overdoses; 2) teaches and demonstrates (using animated scenarios, graphic sequences, and narration provided by professional voice actors) how to respond effectively to an opioid-associated overdose in accordance with AHA and departmental protocols; 3) describes barriers to calling 911, and the purpose and content of Good Samaritan Laws (with active links to additional information for each state); and, 4) links first responders to additional online information and resources.

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