Alex Bennett
Alex S. Bennett, PhD
National Development and Research Institutes, Inc. - Principal Investigator
PhD, Applied History and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University
MPA, Public Policy Research and Analysis, University of Pittsburgh
BA/MA, History, University of Florida
Research Interests
Overdose prevention, Naloxone, Veterans health, Mixed-methods research, Opioids, Drug use, HIV/HCV prevention
Alex Bennett is a Principal Investigator at National Development and Research Institutes, Inc., who specializes in ethnographic, historical and mixed-methods public health and public policy research. His current project is a 4-year study of Opioid Use/Misuse and Overdose Risk among Veterans (R01DA036754) that will help determine ecological, structural, and psychosocial aspects of opioid use and overdose risk.  He has also received a supplemental grant  to train veterans in overdose prevention and response and naloxone administration and is tracking naloxone impacts on overdose survivors and responders. Dr. Bennett is the Program Director of NDRI’s opioid overdose prescribing program which is helping to equip researchers and community members with overdose reversal skills and the life-saving medication, naloxone. Dr. Bennett started work on overdose/HIV/HCV and drug abuse prevention and outreach services in the late 1990s with Prevention Point Pittsburgh, a community based harm reduction program and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the New York Harm Reduction Educators. Dr. Bennett has worked on substance use and overdose prevention and response both in academic and community-based settings conducting research, needs assessment, program development, service delivery, and evaluation work.
Principal Investigator, Opioid Misuse and Overdose Risk Patterns Among Recent Veterans. Active
Principal Investigator, Overdose Risk Management and Compensation in the Era of Naloxone. Active


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