Time-Sensitive Applications

Applications for expedited review may be submitted at any time

The Center for Drug Use and HIV Research (CDUHR) funds time-sensitive projects in need of expedited review (e.g., pilot data needed to support a grant submission or to obtain data prior to an imminent policy change will also be considered). Maximum awards for time-sensitive projects is $5,000. No indirect costs will be awarded. Salaries of the PIs or co-investigators should not be included in the budget.

Applicants will be notified of their award status within one month of their submission.


Applications submitted under expedited review require submission of the following components:

  1. One-page Statement of the Research Question. Applications submitted under this format must include:
    • A statement of how the project addresses CDUHR’s thematic focus of “reinvigorating HIV prevention and care, accelerating progress and sustaining gains in the midst of societal disruption” among PWUD
    • A brief description of aims and research
    • An explanation of why the project is time-sensitive and should be considered for expedited review
    • A statement on how the pilot award may lead to publications and/or subsequent grant proposals
  2. Protection of human subjects (include a DSMP for clinical trials or studies with interventions)
  3. Mentorship Form.
  4. Investigator Biosketch (please use the five-page NIH Biosketch format, eRA Commons Username not required if applicant is not registered).
  5. Budget summary and timeline. Budgets may include costs to collect and analyze data and participant incentives. No indirect costs will be awarded. Salaries of PIs or co-investigators should not be included. Pilot project funds may not be used to supplement or prolong ongoing research, to support dissertation research or purchase equipment, and cannot be used as bridge funds when other research support ends.
  6. Brief letter(s) of support from the mentor(s) for the project.
  7. Letter(s) of support from any collaborating organization(s).
  8. Consortium statement from the applicant’s home institution or school/college acknowledging that no indirect costs will be included with the award.
  9. Postdoctoral fellows must include a letter from the applicant’s home institution or school/college indicating that the term of the individual’s fellowship will extend beyond the end date for the proposed project.

Submit materials for your application via email, and title the subject of the email “Expedited Review” with the name of the applicant, i.e., project principal investigator (PI).

Submit your application to CDUHR.pilot@nyu.edu.

Submission of a full application is not required under expedited review.

Note that NIDA requires CDUHR to provide a description and justification of all pilot projects before initiating them. Notification includes a description and rationale for the project, and addressing the question of how it falls within CDUHR’s mission. In addition, CDUHR must state that the project will comply with NIH policies, including approval of human subject research. Clinical trials and projects that pose greater than minimal risk to participants require prior approval from the NIDA project officer. The request for approval must include protocols for human subjects protection and a Data and Safety Monitoring Plan (DSMP). See NIH PAR-20-267, Section VI, “Prior Approval of Pilot Projects” for original language.


Time-sensitive awards are open to investigators and potential investigators who have obtained a doctoral-level degree, and who are affiliated with an accredited institution.