Funded Pilots

Awards were presented for innovative projects that are highly significant for the field. Each awardee has mentors who will offer guidance in the conduct of their studies and bring a broader transdisciplinary perspective to their work.
2021 Pilot Project Awards
Scheidell, Joy
NYU Langone Health
Influence of Substance Use Treatment and Harm Reduction Engagement on Sexual Health among People Who Use Illicit Opioids in New York City

There is currently limited understanding of sexually transmitted infection (STI) and sexual health among people who use illicit opioids (PWUIO), with the majority of research to date focused more narrowly on HIV and HCV among those who inject drugs. Also lacking is knowledge of whether medications to treat opioid use disorder (MOUD) and engagement in harm reduction such as opioid education and naloxone distribution may affect STI and sexual health among PWUIO through their impacts on substance use, sexual risk, and engagement in care, and if these effects differ among vulnerable subgroups. This proposed pilot research seeks to examine the effects of MOUD and harm reduction on STI and sexual health in a cohort study of PWUIO in New York City.