Developing and Implementing an Innovative Methodology for Evaluating Participant Engagement in Technology-Based Behavioral Health Interventions
Funded by: Center for Technology and Behavioral Health
Project dates: September 2013 - August 2014
Principal Investigator: Guarino, Honoria

E-Health refers to health services and information that is delivered or enhanced through the internet and related technologies. The use of e-Health tools continues to increase, and will likely be a bigger part of future health interventions. The goal of the pilot study was to better understand the process of engagement in technology-based behavioral health interventions, by examining the experiences of chronic pain patients who participated in a research evaluation of a web-delivered, self-management program for chronic pain. As the study of engagement in e-Health tools is just beginning, this research collected specific information regarding the use and effectiveness of e-health tools – in particular, factors that promote sustained use of these tools – to help program developers, researchers, and clinicians working in the e-Health arena.