Le Minh Giang, MD, PhD
Hanoi Medical University - Chair, Department of Global Health
MD, General Practitioner, Hanoi Medical University
PhD, Sociomedical Sciences, Columbia University
MA, Medical Anthropology, Columbia University
Research Interests
Substance use, Sexual health, HIV/AIDS
Le Minh Giang is the Chair of the Department of Global Health and Acting Head of the Office of Science and Technology at Hanoi Medical University in Vietnam. Dr. Giang also holds an adjunct faculty appointment in the Department of Sociomedical Sciences, Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University where he is an alumnus. Dr. Giang’s research interests focus on at untangling and reducing consequences of the intersections between substance abuse, poor sexual health, HIV/AIDS infections. He has been PI and Co-PI of several NIH-funded studies on drug abuse and HIV in Viet Nam. He has been working with CDUHR’s investigators (Drs. Goldsamt and Des Jarlais) on studies in Vietnam.  With support from PEPFAR and SAMHS, since 2012 he had led the development of Viet Nam-HIV Addiction Technology Transfer Center (V-HATTC) at Hanoi Medical University with the goal of developing addiction medicine workforce to confront drug and HIV epidemics in Vietnam.
Principal Investigator, Implementation of a Sexual Health Intervention for YMSM in Two Vietnamese Cities. Completed


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