Sugy Choi
Sugy Choi, PhD
NYU Langone Health - Assistant Professor, Health Evaluation and Analytics Lab, Department of Population Health
PhD, Health Services Research, Boston University School of Public Health
MS, Global Health; Health Policy and Financing, Georgetown University
BSFS, International Affairs; Culture and Politics, Georgetown University
Research Interests
Medicaid, Substance use disorder, Gender disparities, Racial-ethnic disparities, Health services research, Longitudinal data analysis, Implementation science, Program evaluation, Mixed-methods research
Sugy Choi is Assistant Professor of Population Health at New York University Grossman School of Medicine. Her current work focuses on the intersections of health care delivery reform for patients with substance use disorder (SUD), Medicaid policy, safety net providers, quality of care, and health disparities. Her prior research includes evaluating state-level policies and treatment programs and addressing socioeconomic determinants across multiple settings at domestic and international levels.
Principal Investigator, Exploring Coordination of Care and Interorganizational Relationships to Improve Women’s Access to Substance Use Disorder Treatment: Criminal Justice, Child Protective Services, and Treatment Organization Perspectives. Active
Principal Investigator, Improving Quality of Asian American Subgroup Race-Ethnicity Data with a Focus on Patients with Substance Use Disorder. Completed


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