Extended-release vs. oral naltrexone for alcohol dependence treatment in primary care (XON)

BACKGROUND: Extended-release naltrexone (XR-NTX, Vivitrol®) and daily oral naltrexone tablets (O-NTX) are FDA-approved mu opioid receptor antagonist medications for alcohol dependence treatment. Despite the efficacy of O-NTX, non-adherence and poor treatment retention have limited its adoption into primary care. XR-NTX is a once-a-month injectable formulation that offers a potentially more effective treatment option in reducing alcohol consumption and heavy drinking episodes among persons with alcohol use disorders.

METHODS: This pragmatic, open-label, randomized controlled trial examines the effectiveness of XR-NTX vs. O-NTX in producing a Good Clinical Outcome, defined as abstinence or moderate drinking (<2 drinks/day, men; <1 drink/day, women; and <2 heavy drinking occasions/month) during the final 20 of 24 weeks of primary care-based Medical Management treatment for alcohol dependence. Secondary aims will estimate the cost effectiveness of XR-NTX vs. O-NTX, in conjunction with primary-care based Medical Management for both groups, and patient-level characteristics associated with effectiveness in both arms. Alcohol dependent persons are recruited from the community into treatment in a New York City public hospital primary care setting (Bellevue Hospital Center) for 24 weeks of either XR-NTX (n=117) or O-NTX (n=120).

RESULTS: We describe the rationale, specific aims, design, and recruitment results to date. Alternative design considerations and secondary aims and outcomes are reported.

CONCLUSIONS: XR-NTX treatment in a primary care setting is potentially more efficacious, feasible, and cost-effective than oral naltrexone when treating community-dwelling persons with alcohol use disorders. This study will estimate XR-NTX’s treatment and cost effectiveness relative to oral naltrexone.

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Full citation:
Malone M, McDonald R, Vittitow A, Chen J, Obi R, Schatz D, Tofighi B, Garment A, Goldfeld K, Gold H, Laska E, Rotrosen J, Lee JD (2019).
Extended-release vs. oral naltrexone for alcohol dependence treatment in primary care (XON)
Contemporary Clinical Trials, 81, 102-109. doi: 10.1016/j.cct.2019.04.006. PMCID: PMC6701869.