Adverse childhood experiences among licensed social workers

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are predictors of deleterious outcomes in adulthood. Studies of childhood maltreatment among various populations and professions assess the prevalence and scope of ACEs. This article presents findings from a survey of 5,540 licensed social workers in 13 states. The study found that social workers’ mean ACE score was 2.1, and more than 23.6% reported exposure to more four or more ACEs, figures that are higher than ACE scores in most populations. In addition, ACEs were negatively associated with wellness and workplace issues, including physical health, mental health, alcohol and other drugs, tobacco, sleep, and workplace stress. The need for additional exploration of ACEs among social workers and implications for social work education and practice are discussed.

Full citation:
Steen JT, Senreich E, Straussner SLA (2021).
Adverse childhood experiences among licensed social workers
Families in Society, 102 (2), 182-193. doi: 10.1177/1044389420929618.