WHO Survey Coordinating Center, Drug Injecting Study – Phase 2
Funded by: World Health Organization
Project dates: April 2000 - March 2013
Principal Investigator: Des Jarlais, Don

Injection drug use plays an important role in the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. This study focused on HIV infection among injection drug users, but also addressed other problems of international importance, including other “emerging/re-emerging” infectious diseases (such as HCV), overdoses, and transitions between non-injecting drug users and injecting drug users. This study utilized rapid assessment and response (RAR) methodology developed by the World Health Organization (WHO). The RAR method uses a combination of qualitative data collection techniques commonly employed in social science and evaluation research to quickly depict the extent and nature of the given health problem, and propose locally relevant recommendations for improvement. Rapid implementation of HIV prevention programs for injection drug users are needed to address the problem of HIV transmission among IDUs in developing/transitional countries.

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