Subthreshold Opioid Use Disorder Prevention (STOP) Trial
Funded by: National Institute on Drug Abuse, Clinical Trials Network
Project dates: February 2019 - April 2024
Principal Investigator: McNeely, Jennifer
Principal Investigator: Liebschutz J

The Subthreshold Opioid Use Disorder Prevention (STOP) Trial is an innovative study of early intervention to prevent opioid use disorder.  STOP is a primary care-based collaborative care intervention to reduce opioid use and overdose risk, and prevent progression to the more severe condition of opioid use disorder, in adult patients who have risky use of illicit or prescription opioids.  This national study, conducted within the NIDA Clinical Trials Network (CTN) in five primary care sites, will test the efficacy of STOP versus enhanced usual care.

Related Publications
Liebschutz JM, Subramaniam GA, Stone R, Appleton N, Gelberg L, Lovejoy TI, Bunting AM, Cleland CM..., McNeely J (2023).
Subthreshold opioid use disorder prevention (STOP) trial: A cluster randomized clinical trial: Study design and methods
Addiction Science and Clinical Practice, 18 (1), 70. doi: 10.1186/s13722-023-00424-8. PMCID: PMC10657560.