Recent Changes in HIV Testing Recommendations: Impact on Youth at Risk
Funded by: The Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR)
Project dates: July 2007 - June 2008
Principal Investigator: Gwadz, Marya

The CDC recommends routine annual testing for individuals at high risk for HIV such as homeless youth. However, homeless youth are not tested regularly, often do not return for test results, and are poorly linked to medical care and services. The study collected data on the individual, attitudinal, structural/behavioral influences that impede or facilitate HIV (rapid and conventional) testing and access to care, if HIV-infected, from the perspectives of both homeless youth and the medical and non-medical providers that serve them. In addition, the study examined the relationship between changes in HIV testing practices and access to care. Findings from the study will inform a larger study to test interventions for homeless youth and/or their providers to enhance and expedite HIV testing and subsequent early entry into HIV care.

Related Publications
Gwadz MV, Cleland CM, Quiles R, Nish D, Welch J, Michaels LS, Gonzalez JL, Ritchie AS, Leonard NR (2010).
CDC HIV testing guidelines and the rapid and conventional testing practices of homeless youth
AIDS Education and Prevention, 22 (4), 312-327. doi: 10.1521/aeap.2010.22.4.312.