Psychosocial Service Utilization & Engagement in Care among Black and Latino Male Youth
Funded by: NYU-HHC Clinical and Translational Science Institute
Project dates: November 2013 - November 2014
Principal Investigator: Guilamo-Ramos, Vincent

Black and Latino young males in the Bronx experience extreme disparities across health and social welfare outcomes commonly linked with mental health and psychosocial disorders. Despite the high need for psychosocial and mental health services to support black and Latino male youth, low service utilization and retention in care have hampered the potential benefits of mental health interventions for this population. Furthermore, little is currently known about the specific psychosocial and health needs of male Bronx youth (ages 10-19), their preferences for service delivery, and the factors that impede service utilization. The project developed evidence-based best practice guidelines to promote the engagement and retention of black and Latino male youth in care programs. The guidelines created will address the unmet mental health and psychosocial well-being needs of this underserved population.