Interventions for HIV-Positive Mothers with Drinking Problems (The Family First Intervention)
Funded by: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Project dates: September 2000 - November 2006
Principal Investigator: Gwadz, Marya
Co-Investigator: Leonard, Noelle

Mothers living with HIV (MLH) must sustain high quality parenting while coping with a chronic medical condition. At least 30 percent of MLH experience problem drinking, which may impair their abilities to meet parenting challenges, negotiate safer sex, and manage their health care and drug use. The goal of this project was to design, implement, and evaluate the Family First program (7 sessions on problem drinking, 7 sessions on parenting), an intervention for MLH with alcohol problems, many of whom also have drug use issues, who were raising adolescent children (aged 11-18 years). The intervention was tested in a randomized controlled trial where the control arm received a brief social/motivational intervention program. The study found that the intervention, which used a social cognitive and Motivational Interviewing approach, was effective in reducing alcohol and drug use and related problems, and also led to improvements in coping skills and mental health outcomes among mothers. The Family First intervention was particularly efficacious with participants with the highest levels of problem drinking. Effective interventions such as Family First have potential improve outcomes for mothers who are living with HIV and have alcohol and or drug use problems, and their adolescent children.

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