Development of Intervention Components to Increase Engagement in Care among Youth with HIV
Funded by: Center for Drug Use and HIV Research
Project dates: September 2020 - November 2020
Principal Investigator: Gwadz, Marya

This pilot study developed components and tested the feasibility of these components in an intervention to increase engagement in care among Black and Latinx youth with HIV.

Related Publications
Gwadz M, Serrano S, Linnemayr S, Cleland CM, Cluesman SR, Freeman RM, Kellam K, De Stefano C, Israel K, Pan E (2022).
Behavioral intervention grounded in motivational interviewing and behavioral economics shows promise with Black and English-speaking Latino persons living with HIV with unsuppressed HIV viral load in New York City: A mixed methods pilot study
Frontiers in Public Health, 10, 916224. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2022.916224. PMCID: PMC9522600.