Development of a Couples-Focused HIV Behavioral Intervention to Enhance Uptake of Evidenced Informed Combination HIV Preventative Methods for High-Risk Heterosexually-Identified Black Youth and Their Romantic Partners
Funded by: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Project dates: May 2016 - April 2021
Principal Investigator: Lanier, Yzette

This project sought to address an important gap in national HIV prevention efforts by developing an HIV intervention focused on African American heterosexual adolescent couples. Four of the most highly effective HIV prevention methods are: 1) correct and consistent condom use, 2) routine HIV testing and linkage and retention in care, 3) screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, and 4) initiation of, and adherence to, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). Correct and consistent condom use has been most regularly used in youth-focused HIV prevention interventions. Approaches that consider combination HIV prevention within the context of romantic relationships are needed.

The study was conducted with high-risk heterosexual African American youth living in high HIV and poverty prevalence communities within the South Bronx. High-risk youth was defined as an individual aged 16-24 with a different sex primary partner and had at least one of the following: a) self-reported sexually transmitted infection, including HIV, in the last 12 months, b) concurrent partner(s), c) ever had MSM sex, or d) history of incarceration. A combination prevention intervention was developed and refined through feedback from the couples, community stakeholders and leading youth HIV prevention researchers. The intervention was implemented and evaluated.

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