Developing a Public Health Measure of Built Environment to Assess Risk of Nonmedical Opioid Use and Related Mortality in Urban and Non-Urban Areas in New Jersey
Funded by: National Institute on Drug Abuse
Project dates: April 2020 - March 2023
Principal Investigator: Tempalski, Barbara

This study developed and validated a measure of the drug use- and morality-relevant built environment (i.e., the physical and social features of a setting which are theoretically and empirically linked to drug abuse and mortality). The measure captured specific features of both non-urban and urban environments, and also produced a spatial data infrastructure with which to utilize this measure within a Geographic Information System (GIS).

This data and measurement system will allow local public health entities to identify communities with highest risk and vulnerability for non-medical opioid morbidity and mortality, to more strategically allocate resources and funding to these areas, and to design and/or tailor their prevention and harm reduction programs to meet the specific needs of and address the physical and social vulnerabilities of these previously understudied and underserved areas.

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