Developing Measures to Study How Structural Interventions May Affect HIV Risk
Funded by: National Institute on Drug Abuse
Project dates: July 2011 - April 2017
Principal Investigator: Friedman, Sam
Principal Investigator: Pouget ER

Leaders in the field are calling for “structural” or “social” interventions that affect the risk environments, networks and social norms that influence risk behaviors and/or the probability that an HIV uninfected person will engage in sex or drug injection with an infected person. The project developed reliable and valid measures of pathways between changes in people’s external environments and changes in behaviors, risk environments or risk networks, and then to changes in the number of new cases of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. This included examining individuals’ perceived immediate social environments, how their lives were structured in ways that might affect how they reacted to changes in their environments, and how the norms from others in their environments might influence them. The measures developed will be made available to researchers in the U.S. and globally to develop and evaluate structural interventions and to understand how large-scale social changes (like wars or large-scale socioeconomic changes) sometimes do and sometimes do not lead to HIV epidemics.


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