Nancy (Ann) Nugent
Mount Sinai Health System - Senior Statistician, Baron Edmond de Rothschild Chemical Dependency Institute
PhD program, Sociology, University of Pittsburgh
BA, Sociology, Siena College
Research Interests
Harm reduction, HIV prevention, Substance use, Epidemiology, Research methods, Administrative data in research, Database design for research, Research ethics
For more than twenty years, Ms. Nugent has contributed to multiple research projects that investigate substance abuse at The Chemical Dependency Institute, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Beginning in 2010, she has had the primary responsibility for the data analysis of the National Survey of Syringe Exchange Programs (NSSEP) along with the questionnaire design. In addition, Ms. Nugent has designed and maintains a database containing the historical archive of previous NSSEP survey results. Ms. Nugent possesses over thirty years of research and data management experience and she has contributed to a wide range of epidemiological and clinical research projects including: TB therapy for substance users, syringe exchange, intimate partner violence in HIV primary care clinics, ARV drug side effects and patient satisfaction and quality of life. Ms. Nugent is an expert in linking data from multiple sources into integrated research databases. Prior to joining The Chemical Dependency Institute, Ms. Nugent held research positions at The Pittsburgh Research Institute, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the University of Pittsburgh


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