Developing a tool to measure person-centered care in service planning

BACKGROUND: Delivering person-centered care is a key component of health care reform. Despite widespread endorsement, medical and behavioral health settings struggle to specify and measure person-centered care objectively. This study presents the validity and reliability of the Person-Centered Care Planning Assessment Measure (PCCP-AM), an objective measure of the extent to which service planning is person-centered.

METHODS: Based upon the recovery-oriented practice of person-centered care planning, the 10-item PCCP-AM tool rates service plans on the inclusion of service user strengths, personal life goals, natural supports, self-directed actions and the promotion of community integration. As part of a large randomized controlled trial of person-centered care planning, service plans completed by community mental health clinic providers were rated using the PCCP-AM. Reliability was tested by calculating inter-rater reliability across 168 plans and internal consistency across 798 plans. To test concurrent validity, PCCP-AM scores for 84 plans were compared to expert rater scores on a separate instrument.

RESULTS: Interrater reliability for each of the 10 PCCP-AM items as measured by Kendall’s W ranged from W = 0.77 to W = 0.89 and percent of scores within +/- 1 point of each other ranged from 85.7 to 100%. Overall internal consistency as measured by Cronbach’s alpha across 798 plans was alpha = 0.72. Concurrent validity as measured by Kendall’s W ranged from W = 0.55 to W = 0.74 and percent of item scores within +/- 1 point of expert rater scores ranged from 73.8 to 86.8%.

CONCLUSIONS: Findings demonstrated that the 10-item PCCP-AM was a valid and reliable objective measure of person-centered care. Using the service plan as an indicator of multiple domains of person-centered care, the measure provides a valuable tool to inform clinical supervision and quality improvement across programs. More psychometric testing is needed to strengthen the measure for research purposes.

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Full citation:
Stanhope V, Baslock D, Tondora J, Jessell L, Ross AM, Marcus SC (2021).
Developing a tool to measure person-centered care in service planning
Frontiers in Psychiatry, 12, 681597. doi: 10.3389/fpsyt.2021.681597. PMCID: PMC8365091.