Xylazine Test Strip Use and HIV Risk Behaviors Among People Who Inject Drugs
Funded by: Center for Drug Use and HIV Research
Project dates: December 2023 - November 2024
Principal Investigator: McKnight, Courtney

The emergence and increasing prevalence of xylazine in the unregulated drug supply, and particularly the co-use of xylazine and fentanyl, poses multiple threats to the health and safety of people who use drugs. Both xylazine and fentanyl have been shown to independently increase HIV risk behaviors, and fentanyl can accelerate HIV disease. Co-use of xylazine and fentanyl is also complicating substance use treatment and increasing the risk of necrotic skin infections.

This study will assess repeated xylazine use, possible dependence on xylazine and retention of knowledge about xylazine among a cohort of people who inject drugs. It will also explore HIV-related risk behaviors among people who use xylazine, and examine whether the use of xylazine test strips reduces HIV/HCV risk.