Proactive Outreach for Smokers in VA Mental Health
Funded by: VA Health Services Research and Development
Project dates: October 2013 - June 2017
Principal Investigator: Sherman, Scott
Principal Investigator: Fu S

Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States and contributes up to 24% of all VA healthcare costs. Rates of tobacco use are particularly high among veterans diagnosed with mental illness. Numerous barriers exist for tobacco cessation among mental health patients, including high nicotine dependency, low rates of follow through for referrals, and limited availability of tobacco treatment tailored to their needs. The study is using the electronic medical record system to identify smokers receiving mental health care and proactively reaching out to engage them in treatment. It is comparing the reach and efficacy of a proactive outreach telephone-based tobacco cessation (PRO) program to usual care (UC) advice and referral to local VA and community tobacco cessation resources. The approach developed in this study could be generalized to other behaviors, and provides a novel method to improve the health of an entire population of patients.

Abstract on U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Website
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