Implementation of a Sexual Health Intervention for YMSM in Two Vietnamese Cities
Funded by: National Institute on Drug Abuse
Project dates: June 2012 - May 2018
Principal Investigator: Goldsamt, Lloyd
Principal Investigator: Clatts M
Principal Investigator: Giang LM

Research has found that young male sex workers (YMSWs) in Vietnam have high rates of unprotected sex with multiple partners, contributing to the high rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV. At the same time, few YMSW are engaged and retained in protective health services such as STI/HIV screening and early linkages to HIV care. This study addressed these gaps in community outreach and health services access by implementing a Sexual Health Promotion (SHP) intervention package targeted to YMSWs in two strategically selected cities in Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City).  The intervention combined community outreach and a face to face session with a Health Educator, using Motivational Interviewing to deliver content in the following areas: 1) Sexual Health, 2) Sexual Diversity, STI/HIV Transmission, 4) Sexual Risk Reduction, 5) Substance Use, 6) Stigma Management, and 7) Health Seeking. The impact of the intervention was assessed by examining levels of testing, treatment, and vaccination (for HBV). The information learned will help create programs for young male sex workers that increase their understanding of sexual health care and services, and lead to improved health outcomes.

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