The rapidly shifting ketamine landscape in the US
“In recent years, ketamine has been hailed as a miracle treatment for depression and related disorders. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the S-enantiomer of ketamine, esketamine, as the first antidepressant in a new class for treatment-resistant depression in 2019.1 Emerging evidence suggests that the landscape of ketamine both as a medical therapeutic and as a recreational substance is shifting. Herein, we highlight several key points that health care practitioners, policy makers, and patients and families should be aware of given this changing landscape.”
Full citation:
Wilkinson ST, Palamar JJ, Sanacora G (2024).
The rapidly shifting ketamine landscape in the US
JAMA Psychiatry, 81 (3), 221-222. doi: 10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2023.4945.